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Art by West Forsyth Sophomore to Be Displayed on Billboard

To see more art by Chloe Calilung, go to Your Permanent Record.

West 1 FEBRUARY 25, 2021 – Art by a sophomore at West Forsyth High will soon be on display on a billboard.

As part of the Scholastic Art and Writing program, art by Chloe Calilung was given a Gold Key Award and she was chosen to be an Adams Outdoor Billboard artist.

“Upon hearing the news about my painting receiving a Gold Key award and being chosen for the Adams Outdoor Billboard award, I felt shocked at first!” Calilung said. “Receiving a Gold Key is already such an honor, but finding out that my painting was going to be on a billboard?”

“When I truly processed the news, I was so excited (still am), and I wanted to share my happiness with my loved ones right away!”

Her art teacher at West Forsyth is Nathan Newsome.

“We are very excited that Chloe gets this honor!” Newsome said.

“We feel Chloe is a very creative, disciplined artist who is open to new challenges.  Her ability to absorb and apply concepts and advice is evident in her work.

“West Forsyth is very happy for her!”

Although a specific billboard has not yet been chosen, Adams Outdoor Advertising works to find one within the school’s ZIP code.

West 6 “I am currently in 10th grade,” Calilung said. “For the upcoming years, I plan to further pursue my artistic interests by taking as many art classes as my schedule will permit and by looking for more artistic extracurricular opportunities available to me as a high school student.”

“I enjoy creating different types of art but I tend to gravitate towards portraits. I love painting people, especially my loved ones, and capturing the miniscule details on their facial expressions. When I paint someone, it’s like I have a part of them with me. It makes me feel close and connected to them.”

“Creating art is so fulfilling, and it gives me this sense of accomplishment once I finish a piece. I believe that creating art is a way to connect with my roots because art is something that has always been important to me and my family. I come from a large family filled with artistic people, so in a way, art connects us.”