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Celebrating Black History Month at WS/FCS Virtual Academy

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Black 22 By Nanyamka Reid-Fowler 

Kindergarten Teacher

WS/FCS Virtual Academy

FEBRUARY 26, 2021 – This month we have been doing a variety of assignments regarding Black History. Students selected and researched a Black History Legend.

After selecting their legend, the student then conducted research on their legend. Next, students wrote a narrative about their legend, drew a 3D portrait of their legend, and then prepared a 1-to- 2-minute presentation in which they told their peers about their legend. The students’ 3D portraits were combined into a Virtual Art Gallery.

Students learned about African American inventors and read a variety of books about the contributions that these inventors and their inventions made to the world. 

Students conducted research on one African American inventor and their invention. Students researched their inventor and wrote a few sentences about the inventor and their invention and presented their research to their peers. Students learned how to be a member of an audience and speak to an audience, use their listening and communication skills, how to answer questions from their peers on a specific subject, and how to research a subject to learn more information. 

Black 66 To conclude this assignment, students read the book Abby Invents Unbreakable Crayons by Arlyne Simon. After this, students had the opportunity to create their own invention to solve a problem that they know about. Students completed an Invention Planning Guide that consisted of brainstorming ideas of what to invent, drawing what it might look like (breadboard), determining how to market the invention, etc. 

After the planning, the fun began, students begin making actual models of their inventions. My virtual kindergarten students are amazing even more so because this is all accomplished and completed virtually. Inventions range from Robo Solar Oven (to cook bacon and hot dogs), to a Kid Bot (to clean up a room), to Loogy (to keep people warm).

My students and their Learning Coaches are the best and I am so grateful that I am their teacher.