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February is National Career Technical Education Month.

Pictures provided by Tammy Parks, the co-owner of Parks Decorative Hardware and Plumbing, where Alan Romero-Romero is completing his CTE Internship this semester.

West 2 By Sherry Billings

Food & Nutrition Instructor

West Forsyth High School

FEBRUARY 26, 2021 – I would like to introduce and showcase an incredible student of mine, Alan Romero-Romero. Alan is an intelligent and mature young man. I have had the pleasure of getting to know and teach Alan in Food & Nutrition this past year. He has stayed in contact with me and requested guidance for his options in academics and work opportunities. With the help of our fantastic Career Development Coordinator at West Forsyth High School, Mrs. Kim Hayes, Alan has been incredibly successful!

As a full-time 12th grade high school student, Alan is also taking two Dual Enrollment courses at Forsyth Technical Community College this semester. Rather than graduating early, he chose to stay enrolled at West Forsyth and take advantage of the dual-enrollment program through Career and College Promise. This allows him to take college courses for free while in high school that can transfer to the 4-year university or college of his choice.  Alan is currently taking Writing & Inquiry and General Psychology at FTCC.  

In addition to Alan's current job as Shift Leader at Moe's Southwest Grill in Clemmons, he is currently interning at Parks Decorative Hardware and Plumbing in Winston-Salem.  Career Technical Education (CTE) Internships allow students a work-based learning opportunity to gain meaningful, career-related experience in an industry that aligns with the student's chosen CTE career pathway. Alan wants to pursue a career in Residential Architecture.  At Parks, Alan interacts with Contractors, Designers, and Customers to learn more about the overall residential and commercial building process.  

Career Technical Education classes Alan has successfully completed during high school:

Financial Planning 1

Drafting Architectural 1 

Drafting Architectural 2 Honors

Foods and Nutrition 1

Alan took up boxing last year as a hobby. He has lost 40 pounds and plans to start West 1 amateur boxing in the 170-pound weight class soon. Alan trains 5 days a week and says it keeps his mind clear. Focusing on his nutrition and disciplining his body and mind to be the best he can be.

Alan’s dream school to attend is the University of North Carolinas at Charlotte. He wants to work for an established company in the architectural field and eventually start his own business. Alan plans to enroll this summer in more classes at FTCC as the classes are free the summer after graduation for students that are already enrolled in the Career and College Promise program. Alan plans to complete a 2-year Associates of Applied Science degree in Architectural Technology. He will enter the workforce making a median salary of $29,000 to $49,000.

Alan plans to apply for full time paid work at Residential Building Specialties (RBS) of Winston Salem, while attending school fulltime. Alan’s father also works for RBS. Alan has applied for several scholarships this semester in the hopes of reducing his student loan amount. If I had the funds, I would pay Alan’s college tuition without hesitation. This young man has proven his ability to take on a full schedule and give 100% to all his commitments. If anyone deservers a full academic scholarship based on academic and ability to work hard, it is Alan Romero-Romero.

Testimonial from Mr. Timothy DeVane, Drafting teacher at West Forsyth High School:

“I was extremely happy to have Alan Romero-Romero as a student for Drafting 1/AutoCAD and Drafting 2/Revit.  Alan committed himself to high performance standards while maintaining a quiet demeanor.  I appreciated his work ethic and him being relentless in his quest to excel.  Alan would be an asset to any institution to further his skills, as well as an awesome apprentice.”   

Testimonial from Sherry Billings, Food and Nutrition teacher at West Forsyth High School:

“Alan holds a special place in my heart, he is a student that I would take home and raise as my own if I could!  Alan is a quiet and respectful young man. He has achieved everything through sheer determination and hard work. Even when student services gave him the run around last year when he inquired about dual enrollment, he kept pushing and got approved! He stops by to see me and give updates on his boxing, internship, work and studies. I look forward to watching Alan grow into the successful skilled trades worker he will become!”

“I am beyond proud of him.” 

Testimonial from Kim Hayes, CTE Internship School Coordinator:

“Alan was referred to me in his Sophomore year while taking the Foods and Nutrition 1 course with Mrs. Billings.  He wanted to talk about his career options and what he can do while still in high school to get a jump start on his career path. At first, Alan was very quiet and shy, but I could tell he had so much potential hidden inside.  He asked good questions and was always willing to take my advice and apply it to his interests in hands-on career options.” 

Alan completed the level 1 and level 2 Drafting Architectural courses and through his experience in those courses with Mr. DeVane, he settled on a career pathway in Residential Architectural Design.  I was able to schedule a CTE Internship opportunity during his senior year with Parks Decorative Hardware and Plumbing.  Alan has been able to work in the showroom, speak with customers, interact with Architects and Construction Managers and visit construction sites.”

“I look forward to seeing what the next step holds for Alan.  No matter the choice in colleges, he is going to excel because he has the right attitude and is very teachable.  He wants to learn and that is all every teacher and employer can ask for.”