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WS/FCS Beginning Teacher Spotlight

The WS/FCS Office of New Teacher Induction supports all teachers during their first three years in the classroom. This is the first in a series spotlighting some of those teachers.

Spot 1 MARCH 2, 2021 – Mr. Leak, a third-year teacher, is the first Beginning Teacher Spotlight.

His mentor Larry Berry said the following about Mr. Leak and why he deserves to be in the Spotlight:

“Mr. Leak was Teacher of the Year as a Beginning Teacher 2 during the 2019-2020 school year as a Middle School Social Studies Techer at Main Street Academy. This is a rare occurrence when a Beginning Teacher can earn the total respect of his peers with his dedication and hard work.”

“This year, Mr. Leak was assigned to the Virtual Academy, Walkertown High and now Northwest Middle School. Through all the change, the continued to be positive and encouraging to all of the students that he was teaching.”

“In addition, he has worked through all of the athletic protocols to coach the Varsity Girls Basketball Team at Parkland High.”

“He is an excellent example of how a beginning teacher can survive with the right support system. He deserves recognition.”

Leak 2