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WS/FCS Beginning Teacher Spotlight

Spot 33 The WS/FCS Office of New Teacher Induction supports all teachers during their first three years in the classroom. This is the second in a series spotlighting some of the teachers nominated by their mentors.

MARCH 5, 2021 – Ashton Kiger, who is a second-year teacher at Caleb’s Creek Elementary, is this weeks’ Beginning Teacher Spotlight.  Her mentor is Morgan Funk:

“I often joke that Ashton should be my mentor, instead of the other way around. Ashton builds incredible relationships with her students and families beginning on Day 1.”

“She shows incredible grow on all assessments and constantly think of way to bet meet the needs of her students.”

“She wants her classroom to be warm and inviting, so she is always changing it up, adding curricular concepts and student work that will help students make connections, as well as see that they are loved and supported.”

“She acts as if she has been teaching for years, and yet, this is only Year 2. She is clearly meeting her calling through teaching, and I can wait to see what she accomplishes in the coming years.”


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