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Meadowlark Middle Students Create Art Inspired by Maya Angelou Poem

This comes to us from Elizabeth Miller, a visual art teacher at Meadowlark Middle. In connection with “The Dr. Maya Angelou Day of Reading,” her students created art inspired by Angelou’s poem “Continue” and posted the art on the walls at Meadowlark Middle.

To see more of the art, go to Your Permanent Record.

Maya 55 By Elizabeth Miller

Meadowlark Middle

APRIL 1, 2021 – As the final quarter of this weird year begins, we all need to be reminded to "continue." It would be easy to give up, check out, or stop caring. This year has been very hard for students, teachers, and families.

In art, we often lean on words, songs or images for inspiration. Maya Angelou's poem "Continue" provided the encouragement we needed. 

Mrs. McManus, the new superintendent, sends out a Monday Memo. These have been refreshing and encouraging. In a recent e-mail, she encouraged classes to be involved in the National Day of Reading and read this poem.

330 of my students read this poem together, hearing their voices on Zoom and in the classroom. They were then asked to privately respond visually to the poem. This was a one-day project, and a few students shared with me their reflections.  

Maya 88 An eighth-grader, James sent this message in the chat: "The way it says 'continue' after each stanza screams to me. No matter what you are going through, you gotta push pass it/ "continue." Basically saying there will be better days....that word is encouraging to me."

Alyssa Wells said: "My drawing is a bit messy, but I like it.  The word ‘continue’ for me really helps me realize that you have to keep going on, even if it takes time. That's why I drew a clock. I made it messy because processes are never going to be perfect and exact. So, you have to continue to make them the way you like."

As we approach the final stretch of the 2020-2021 school year, "continue."