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A Special Surprise for "Star Students" at Speas

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Speas 44 APRIL 1, 2021 – At Speas Global Elementary, Aimee Henning and Adam Tolbert teach fifth grade as a team.

For a few weeks now, they have been surprising their "Star Students" by delivering the student’s favorite lunch from either McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A to the student’s home on Flex Wednesdays, said Katryna Jacober, the Instructional Facilitator.

“Ms. Henning received a grant from Thrivent to purchase these meals,” Jacober said.

“Mr. Tolbert and Ms. Henning secretly contacted parents of students who have been working really hard during remote learning and getting permission to deliver their favorite meal to their home on a Wednesday as a reward for working so hard during this pandemic.”

“I just love how they have gone the extra mile to connect with their students while they were remote for so long.”

Although buying lunches and delivering them is extra work for Tolbert and Henning, it’s well worth it, Henning said.

“You get to see the kids in their own environment.”

To choose students, they look at such things as grades and participation in class, whether it’s in person or online.

Another important factor, she said, is “their willingness to succeed. They don’t give up.”

Thrivent is a non-profit organization founded by Lutherans. Henning and her family attend First Lutheran Church in Greensboro.

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