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Celebrating the Contributions of Women at WS/FCS Virtual Academy

Nanyamka Reid-Fowler teaches kindergarten at the WS/FCS Virtual Academy. 

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Harris 8 By Nanyamka Reid-Fowler

WS/FCS Virtual Academy

APRIL 1, 2021 – To close out the month of March which ends Women's History Month, I would like to share a couple of things that my kindergarten students worked on throughout this month. 

March is the month that we celebrate the struggles and achievements of women throughout the history of the United States. Women have struggled throughout our history to gain rights not only for themselves but for many other underrepresented groups in America.

In honor of Women's History Month, my kindergarten students selected a woman leader in which they conducted research and then wrote an informative narrative in which they supplied some information about the leader whom they selected. Students provided such information as the person’s birthday, accomplishments, and struggles the leader may have encountered along the way. 

Parks 9 After completing their research and writing their informative narrative, students were tasked with creating a 3-D puppet of their woman leader to use in their presentation to tell their classmates about their Valiant Woman Leader. Students – with the help of their learning coach – worked very hard to create puppets out of wooden spoons or paper bags. Doing this gave students a different way to present information to their peers. Look at some of the puppets the students created. 

In another project, we discussed that women have done SO much in the world that we were not going to limit ourselves to just women in our country, so students selected a country of their choice to answer the question: What are women in other parts of the world contributing to their communities?

This project was entitled, Her-Story. Students researched different ways that women in the selected country contributed to their communities. My kindergarteners are very creative they made some of the most amazing visual representations of the ways that the women contributed to their communities.

We will continue to learn about women and the contributions that they have made to the world. I believe it is safe to say that my students enjoyed these projects. 

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