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A Shout-Out to Inspire 340

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Shout 75 APRIL 15, 2021 – On April 15, the Marketing and Communications Department gave a big “Shout-Out” to the Inspire 340 School Turnaround Department.

Shout-Out is a new initiative designed to highlight individual departments so they can shine.

“We want your co-workers and the wider community to know more about who you are and what an amazing job you do,” said Elaine Sapp, the Administrative Assistant for Marketing and Communications.

Members of the Marketing and Communications team visited the Inspire 340 offices on the first floor of Central Office. Also on hand were Desiree Fisher and Rinaldo Branson, who work in the Transportation Department, which received the first Shout-Out in March.

A number of people who work with Inspire 340 joined Dr. Karen Roseboro – the Area Superintendent in charge of Inspire 340 – in accepting the recognition.

In the days leading up to the Shout-Out, the head of the department is asked to answer five questions designed to help people learn more about the department.

Inspire 80 Here are the questions and Roseboro’s answers:

What do want the community (as well as your WS/FCS co-workers) to know about your department?

The WS/FCS Inspire 340 School Turnaround Department serves schools who are identified as a priority for wraparound services provided by the school district and organization in the Greater Winston-Salem area.

The number 340 represents the local education code for WS/FCS. The Inspire 340 network engages schools, families, businesses, and community partners in implementing action-oriented strategies that will lead to systemic change and improve learning outcomes for at-promise students in underserved communities.

How many staff members are in your department? 

We have a team of 11 including our two AmeriCorps Vistas that volunteer on our team. We also have 14 dynamic school principals who are an extension of our team.

In your opinion, what is the greatest service that Inspire340 provides for or community? 

Inspire 89 Our greatest service is our advocacy and wraparound supports (food, clothing, healthcare, childcare, mentoring, housing, adult education programs, leadership development and teacher support) that we provide to our at-promise students, their families, and school teams to positively impact student outcomes.

What kind of person would enjoy working with an Inspire340 school and what are the advantages?

We are looking for teachers who have a passion for education and are equity minded. We are looking for people who truly believe that all students can achieve and excel despite their ZIP Code or socioeconomic backgrounds. We also want people who have a proven track record of being effective with diverse student groups. 

How does one apply for a position in an Inspire340 school?

They can apply through teacher match on the school system or the Inspire 340 webpage.  

The members of the Inspire 340 Team are:

Dr. Karen Roseboro

Sunny Calhoun

Insprie 82 Jenna Garrity

Debra Gentry

Victoria Latham

Michelle McDowell

Diana McIntosh

Daryl Napper

Katherine Ochoa

Dr. Patrice Templeton

Ashlea Thornton

Justin Thornton

Carlos Valencia

Janet Yarrison