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WS/FCS Beginning Teacher Spotlight

The WS/FCS Office of New Teacher Induction supports all teachers during their first three years in the classroom. This is the seventh in a series spotlighting some of the teachers nominated by their mentors.

Spot 66 APRIL 16, 2021 – Chris Eaton is a first-year Orchestra teacher at Jefferson Middle School. This is what his mentor Adam Joiner had to say:

“Chris is an astounding first-year educator,” Joiner said.

“He works diligently to provide his students with a host of varied instructional experiences. He is constantly looking to challenge his students and encourage them.”

“He has been very flexible and understanding of students which is difficult for ALL teachers. He manages them with grace and kindness.”

“He is a true encouragement to me. He worked on a recruiting video for elementary students to be recruited into his orchestra and it was cleverly put together and well thought-out.”

“He will be an amazing educator to watch grow.”