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The Vaccine Warriors

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Van 5 APRIL 16, 2021 – Meet the Vaccine Warriors!

It all started with Jevelyn Bonner-Reed, the Chief Human Resources Officer for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, seeking people who could help contact people for the first COVID vaccination clinic conducted by Novant Health for employees 65 and older. 

“All of these people immediately responded with a resounding ‘Yes!’” said Cheryl Vandergriff, the Executive Assistant to Bonner-Reed.

“This was such an important event, and we all were able to play a part in assisting people within our school district to sign up for vaccinations.”

“After this vaccination clinic with Novant, we were invited by the Forsyth County Department of Health to sign up our employees for a few vaccination clinics held at the fairgrounds that eventually grew to 8 clinics. Again, these ladies, said ‘yes’ to the call.”

Cheryl 2 “We called people as many times as necessary to allow people the opportunity to sign up for the COVID Vaccines.”

“They all played such an important role to getting these vaccinations to our district every time we asked. They never complained.”

Bonner-Reed had this to say:

“In summary, team members from Human Resources (HR), Marketing & Communications, Area Superintendents office, and even a retired principal and substitute administrative assistant volunteered to help contact employees to get their COVID-19 vaccines with our partners Novant Health and Forsyth County Department of Public Health in January, February and March.

“Initially we thought we would have to make a few hundred calls and it quickly evolved to a few thousands with multiple contacts to employees to try to get people registered for their first vaccine.”

“Also, in some cases, employees were not as familiar with the online registration process, so we registered them for their vaccine while others took our call and were able to register themselves.” 

Van 34 “This team also helped schedule people off of a wait list as soon as we had a cancellation for an appointment so we could cover vaccine appointments. Our goal was to remove barriers we were hearing people across the country and even in our community were experiencing when trying to schedule their vaccines back in January, February and March  to ensure our employees that wanted a vaccine, could get one as soon as possible.”

“This resulted in thousands of our employees being vaccinated.” 

“This was not an easy task so we called them the ‘Vaccine Warriors’ because they all had other current work responsibilities and spent additional time – even some weekends – contacting employees to register for their vaccines.”

“This was a great collaboration across departments.  I also want to recognize in addition to these “Vaccine Warriors” we had additional HR team members, teachers, student services staff (nurse extenders and social workers) assist with the vaccine clinics hosted by the district at Paisley IB Magnet and hosted by Forsyth County Department of Public Health at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds and hosted by Novant at Hanes Mall. 

Surratt 2 The Vaccine Warriors include:

Heather Woodward and Bree Christenson, Employee Recruitment Coordinators

Heather Surratt, Executive Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent

Elaine Sapp, Administrative Assistant to Marketing and Communications

Ashley Maciag, HR Specialist, Operations

Pam Schmal, Senior HR Specialist, Operations

Gwen Ward, Workers HR Comp/Benefits Specialist

Joy Todd, HR, Benefits Specialist

Tiffany Jarrett, Long Term Substitute Finance

Jan Atkinson, Retired Principal, Project Coordinator for Superintendent 

Cameron Harden, Administrative Assistant, Deputy Superintendent's office

Penny Hobson, Administrative Assistant, Deputy Superintendent's office

Warrior 22 Katherine Ochoa, Administrative Assistant, Inspire 340

Jennifer Corso, Director of School Nurses.

Jevelyn Bonner-Reed, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Cheryl Vandergriff, Executive Assistant to CHRO