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"In Their Words"


On June 9, the “Winston-Salem Journal” published letters by senior leaders at Winston-Salem/Forsyth County high schools. Here is the one from Kameron Smith at North Forsyth.

You will find the others in the “Winston-Salem Journal.”

North 4Dear Class of 2021,

Can you believe it? Take a quick moment to go look in the mirror and remind yourself

that you are WEEKS away from being a high school graduate! You were literally just at

freshman orientation and now you are about to walk across the stage, and into your future.

I first would like to say that I am extremely proud of you all. The amount of dedication it takes to

have to do an entire year virtually and still make it out on top is unbelievable. You all did it

though. You were given the opportunity to forfeit, but you chose persistence. You were given the

opportunity to give up, but you chose hope. You chose resilience.

As your President, I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds for each and

every one of you. Whether we stay in contact, or I run into you at Target in near future, I can’t

wait to see the young man or woman that I was able to grow and learn with. We were handed so

many tough cards and we were told to make a way out of it, but we did more than that. Not only

did we make it through, but we exceeded the expectations given to us by our leaders. We are the

class of consistency. We were flexible when we were told we wouldn’t be able to do some of the

things we waited 3 years for. We held onto hope and anticipation for the future. I love you all so


As I end this letter, please know that we might go our separate ways, but you will

ALWAYS have a friend in me. You will always have my information to reach out and update me

on how life is treating you. You will always have the green light to reach out to me and ask for

any advice you need. I’m so grateful to call you all my friends. Don’t forget, Once a Viking,


Kameron Smith