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An End-of-the-Year Celebration for Multi-Classroom Leaders

To see Superintendent Tricia McManus' message to Multi-Classroom Leaders, go to YouTube

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MLC 5JUNE 9, 2021 – On Wednesday June 5, Inspire 340 held an end-of-the-year celebration for Multi-Classroom Leaders.

“They have worked so hard this year,” said Diana McIntosh, the Director of School Improvement/Inspire340 Network.

“This was the first year of implementation for Inspire 340 schools. This was a challenging year for any educator but they were doing double duty.”

“They were teachers and coaches all at the same time. And trying to figure how to do both effectively during these unprecedented times. And they handled it with grace and perseverance!”

“I am so proud of them.”

“Our theme this year was Inspire, Teach, & Lead. And that’s what they did- Inspire, Teach, & Lead!”

At the celebration, the MCL’s came to Inspire 340 offices to pick up their certificate, gift and lunch. Due to COVID considerations, it was a stop-by celebration rather than a sit-down luncheon.Inspire 6