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To see Samantha Ingraham’s video “Solitude,” go to YouTube.

Career 1JUNE 17, 2021 – For a digital media class at the Career Center, Samantha Ingraham created an animated video called “Solitude.”

“I hope when people watch my video that at least a few of them can relate to it,” Ingraham said.

“When quarantine first started, I struggled staying motivated throughout the day. However, I would hear other people working on projects, going outdoors more, and overall using that time to improve themselves.”

“It made a part of me question why I wasn't also making the most of lockdown and instead letting every day feel the same. This video is to let other young adults who were in lockdown and remote learning know that they weren't alone in feeling unmotivated or lonely.”

When she was asked to make a video for the class taught by Mark Underwood, who is the Digital Media Instructor at the Career Center, the idea of portraying quarantine came right to her.

“I don't think I really considered any other ideas,” Ingraham said.

“I felt like it was a topic that many people could relate to, and it was a pretty dominate factor of my senior year, as I was taking my classes at home.” 

“I like the storytelling aspect of video making. Ever since I was a kid, I liked creating different stories – some fantasy and some personal. As I got more into art, I also appreciate the visuals and aesthetics in video making, especially animation.” 

Ingraham’s home school was West Forsyth High. She graduated this year, and, in the fall, will be heading to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 

She plans to earn a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree in Art, with a concentration in Digital Media and a minor in economics.

“I do not have a set career in mind but I am interested in a job in media production. I would love to have a career where I can be creative and also show leadership.”

“Some of my other interests are drawing, playing music, and photography. I play piano and ukulele. I also took chorus all four years of high school.”

“Since I've made the video, lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted. So things are on their way towards going back to normal. Fortunately, I don't feel lonely like the character in the video, as I have been able to spend more time with friends and family.”

“I am also very optimistic about starting college in the fall!”

The project took a month or two, she said. Following Underwood’s advice, she broke up the project into smaller tasks such as creating a storyboard, animating one scene at a time, and editing the audio.

“Dividing my project into sections helped me stay motivated towards completing it.”

“I didn't have a set time that I worked on my project, but I did mainly work on it in the evening/night. I feel the most creative at nighttime so I would usually play music and get to work on animating.” 

Underwood said that having to do classes under the COVID 19 restrictions, really showed the importance of student's taking ownership of their learning.

“Samantha is the kind of student that all teachers love to have,” Underwood said.

“She took the project as a challenge to enhance her own learning as opposed to turning in minimal effort merely to fulfill an assignment.”

“Along the way, the class had daily online discussions and her posts reflected her thoughtful consideration of the variety of topics we considered. Many of the topics were more about Social Emotional Learning and self-reflection than about technical topics.”

“The fourth quarter Independent Self-Directed Study Project we did in Digital Media was modeled after the CTE (Career Technical Education) Advanced Studies curriculum,” Underwood said.

“Students had the opportunity to explore an area of personal interest as it related to some form of digital media. It was broken into steps to make it more manageable. They started with self-examining their own perspectives and interest and extended that by developing good research questions to investigate their chosen topic further.”

“From their initial research, they submitted an idea for creating a final product to reflect what they had learned or still wanted to delve deeper into. They turned in pieces of their work-in-progress twice weekly while also building a Google website to house it all. Samantha's website and movie are great.”