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West Forsyth Graduate Honored by National Company

West 33SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 – A national school supply company has named Annette Curti, a 2021 graduate of West Forsyth High, its October Featured Artist.

Curti’s art teacher at West was Elizabeth Betson. The honor comes with a $250 merchandise certificate for Curti and another $250 merchandise certificate for Betson.

According to a release from, “The artwork will also be featured on our websites, marketing emails, and social media for the month of October.”

These days, Curti is a freshman at Appalachian State University.

“This piece is of my cat, Daisy,” Curti said. 

“We’ve had her most of my life. She’s 13 years old now and I love her to bits. This art piece is a picture I took of her looking up her cat scratching post. The sun was shining through our back door window and left some intense lighting in the room.  I thought it was a cool picture, then I added a fauvism filter to it and immediately I thought, ‘Wow, I have to draw this.’”

“It’s one of my favorite art pieces now.”

In responding to questions from Betson about such topics as how she felt about winning and what she is up to these days, Curti started by saying, “I miss you and your classes very much.”

“When I first found out that I won. I was at a loss for words. I definitely hadn’t expected to win such a prize, and it makes me so glad to know how much my art has had an influence at West Forsyth High School.” 

“I figured once I went off to college I wouldn’t be hearing much from West anymore, yet here I am now, a selected artist chosen to represent the month of October at my old high school. That really made my day, and I am so ecstatic to know how much I’m appreciated as an artist and that my art is an inspiration to others.”

At the moment, Curti is not taking any art classes.

“But I’m still actively pursuing it in my free time whenever I get the chance to!”

She has no definite plans for the merchandise certificate.

“Some nice art supplies maybe!”

Her list of possible majors is a long one.

“I have many interests and have been looking into global studies, criminal justice (international), English, graphic design and more creative majors such as creative directing.”

“There are so many things I would love to do with my future.  I’m a curious person at heart and have a passion for learning about other cultures, geography and locations around the world, which fuels my desire to travel abroad someday.”

“I would love to help people in need across the globe and have considered mission work or working in a government agency (national security, Interpol) but I’m not sure I picture myself dedicating my life to just that.”

“Many people have asked me if I’d major in art, and, as much as I love art, I don’t want the fun of doing art to be taken away from me if I make it my life’s work, all day and every day.  If I were to stop enjoying art because I did it all the time, I wouldn’t be happy working as a full-time artist.  That’s why I see myself doing art more as a hobby, commission work, or in another field. 

“Another interest of mine is creative writing, which I’ve grown just as passionate about as my artwork in recent years. I took a creative writing class in senior year during COVID-19 quarantine and it was what I looked forward to doing most every day.  It helped my creativity flourish in a time where I was so uninspired and feeling low with what was happening around the world, and it still  helps fuel my creativity today.”

“Often now I make artwork based on the stories and characters I’ve developed over the years!  I’ve also thought over the years since I was a kid, ‘I wish I could make my own movie.’ Write the story, direct it, everything.  I grew up watching Disney and Pixar and I thought it was the coolest idea back then to make my own animated movie. The funny part is that this is totally possible for me, but, at the end of the day, Hollywood is a tough business to work in.”

“All these interests make it tough for me to decide exactly what I want to do because I’d love to do many things, but, ultimately, my goal is to have the opportunity for travel and finding a career that allows me to give back to the world.  If travel were a part of my career path, that would be even more satisfying for me.”

“Art does so much for me.  It gives me something to keep busy with when I’m bored, but it also allows me to use my talents to create something meaningful to me and for others.  It’s a satisfying process and soothing in a way.  After a long day, art is my go-to for helping me to relax, a way for me fuel my imagination, and it helps me feel better when the going gets tough.”

“I loved West Forsyth, and I hope there will be many more aspiring artists to come from West that leave their mark on the world.”

“Take care!”