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A "Rewarding and Delightful Week" at Old Richmond Elementary

Phone 22By Deanna Kaplan

Member of WS/FCS Board of Education

SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 – Recently, I had the honor and great privilege to substitute teach at Old Richmond Elementary School. 

Old Richmond is a jewel in our district. 

The leadership under Principal Brookshire is quite impressive. Mr. Brookshire’s dedication to excellence is visibly reflected through his caring and wonderful team.  Everyone was incredibly helpful as I navigated through the week assisting precious third and fourth grade students.

The lesson plans were clearly laid out each day, and any questions I had were always answered with a smile.  The staff and educators were obviously trained and experienced in achieving successful outcomes in their children. A shout out to the cafeteria staff which I observed daily with pride. 

The children were very enthusiastic and clearly loved being in school.  During my week, I observed some of the children needing additional help with reading skills and math which likely resulted from the unfortunate pandemic shutdown. I’m confident however that these children will quickly catch up and soar. 

I take great pride in being a small part of such a caring school district.  As a School Board Member, I was humbled to walk in the shoes of these amazing professionals. What a rewarding and delightful week I experienced at Old Richmond Elementary.

I look forward to visiting again and helping out anywhere that I am needed. 

We are truly all in this together!

Go Wildcats!!!!