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Inspiring Students to Become Writers

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Prep 5OCTOBER 11, 2021 – Thanks to Bookmarks, authors Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal headed to Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy on Sept. 24 to visit with students in Maija Smith's English IV class.

Jones and Segal were in town to participate in the 2021 Festival of Books & Authors.

“Today my seniors had the opportunity to meet Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal, authors of I’m Not Dying with You Tonight and Why We Fly,” Smith said.

“I was immeasurably impressed by the thoughtful questions the kids asked while exploring how powerful YA (Young Adult) novels can be both in and outside of the classroom.”

“The phenomenal authors were so open with the group about their personal successes, moments of doubt, and by the end of their visit had planted seeds of inspiration in my students' minds. Mere moments after we left the library, two of my kids said, ‘Ms. Smith, I want to write a book now.’”

“Such a huge success!”

Crystal Joyce is the Media Coordinator at Winston-Salem Prep.

“It was amazing to see our English IV students deeply engaged in listening to the authors as they each shared their back stories and motivating reasons for writing the books. Our students were able to connect with these authors.”

Prep 4“Our students are now eager to read ‘Why We Fly’ and ‘I'm Not Dying with You Tonight.’"