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Board of Education Wrap-Up



The board held its regular scheduled meeting Tuesday night. The meeting started by recognizing several great accomplishments by students in the district including those from honors chorus.  The West Forsyth Cheerleaders were honored for becoming NCHSSA Champions and outstanding high school graduation recognitions went to Atkins and Early and Middle College.  


In other business, the board heard almost an hour of public comments. Most centered on the adjusted certified employee salary schedule. 


The board heard a Covid-19 update and mask recommendation. Superintendent Tricia McManus and CFO Andrea Gillus gave a detailed presentation on the adjusted certified employee salary schedules as well as compensation schedules for classified, hourly coaching and other employees.  


The Board of Education voted to approve the Mask Recommendation to continue masking into February. They also approved the adjusted Certified Employee Salary Schedule,  Compensation Schedules for Classified, Hourly Coaching and Others and the revisions to Policy 4122 regarding Substitute Teacher Requirements. 


As always, all discussion and action items can be found on the Board of Education Page of our website. Click on “meetings” to find agendas by date. 


The meetings can also be found on the board of education videos section of the website and can be viewed in their entirety. A written review of Tuesday’s meeting is also available on our font page.