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JFK Holds Freshman Signing Day

9th graders at John F. Kennedy High School celebrated their decisions on which academy to attend during a Signing Day ceremony on Friday, May 6th.

SigningJFK is the region’s premier high school for dedicated career and technical education curriculum. After their first year, students attending the school have a choice of three different academies that they can focus on, including Construction & Design, Culinary Arts & Hospitality and Pharmacy Tech, the latter of which is the only Pharmacy Tech Academy in the district. Dr. William Wynn, the school’s principal, says that this system affords students more control over their future and more opportunities to excel in their chosen field.

“We want all of our students to be very intentional about why they are at John F. Kennedy High,” Wynn said. “The goal is that all students will graduate in four years with their high school diploma and credentials in one of the three career academies that will allow them to be employed, enlisted, and/or enrolled beyond high school.”

Taking PrideJoining an academy opens up lots of educational and professional opportunities for students. Chelsey Scott, for example, is already part of a 13-week internship with Novant Health and has gained valuable experience in pharmacy tech, radiology, nursing, sterile processing and non-clinical services. At $15 per hour, Scott says this is just one great way that JFK is putting its students ahead in their careers.

“This is an amazing learning experience to be in the hospital and learning along the way,” Scott said. “When I graduate in pharmacy tech, I can get a job straight out of high school and the pay will be great or I can further my education."

Whatever their interests or post-graduation plans are, JFK has something of value to teach all of its students. Signing Day was an opportunity for the school to show its pride in the work those students put in to further define their vision for the future, and the students will carry that pride with them through the next three years of their education and beyond.

“I am excited to be in the culinary arts program,” said Zaitd Medel Sanchez. "My parents did not graduate high school and I want them to be proud of me.”

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