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WS/FCS Applying for NC Educators Preparation Program Status

July 21, 2022 – Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools hopes to become an official North Carolina Educators Preparation program in time for the 2023 fall semester, making the district a stronger force for recruiting new teachers.

North Carolina provides alternative pathways for non-teachers to start teaching and earn their licenses at the same time, so long as they hold a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field to their classes. Applicants who hold a temporary Permit to Teach or Emergency License are able to advance to a Residency License, and once they’ve successfully completed the first year of full-time teaching and met all program, district, and state requirements and performance standards, they’ll be recommended for an Initial or Continuing Professional License.

While WS/FCS already works with teachers pursuing alternative pathways, becoming a North Carolina Educators Preparation program will allow them to assist those educators more effectively. Director of Teacher Residency Karen Morris says that once the application with the state Department of Public Instruction is approved, it’s likely that dozens of new teachers will be able to participate. These applicants will be able to integrate into their schools and teach more effectively at a faster rate.

“Hopefully, this will remove some of the barriers to entry for people to become teachers,” Morris said. “It will support those new teachers more and it will help them become the kind of high-quality teachers that we rely on sooner.”

Teacher recruitment has always been central to a successful school district. In the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased demand for new teachers, making alternative pathways even more valuable. WS/FCS is dedicated to finding high-quality educators and helping them get into a classroom where they can thrive and make education better for students throughout the district.

“Our recruitment team is ready to support you with becoming an effective full-time teacher,” reads a release from the district. “You will bring your talent, grit, and dedication to our community. We will help you master the skills you need to help students unlock their full potential.”

For more information on Teaching Residency in WS/FCS and for details on eligibility and other requirements, go online to


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