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Teachers Promote GEAR UP Through Kahoot Surveys

Banner at PaisleySeptember 27, 2022 – “Pep Up, GEAR UP” Week continued on Tuesday as teachers were asked to work on the Kahoot Survey to help paint a picture of the college experience for their students.

GEAR UP, or Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs, is all about providing students and their families with more information about the process of going to college. Middle school students involved in the program will work in cohorts through high school and all the way until their first year of college as they navigate applications, financial aid, choosing their majors, and more. GEAR UP works specifically with students at Title I schools, who are statistically less likely to pursue a degree, to make sure that they have all of the inspiration and information that they can get.

The Kahoot Survey asks teachers to look back on what they did when they were in college. Questions cover the universities they attended, their majors, the amount of time that they spent in school, the challenges that they had to overcome, and their favorite experiences. When the teachers get to share these reflections with their students, college doesn’t sound theoretical or like a rigid set of expectations Talking to Studentsthat they have to follow – it becomes a real phenomenon that someone they know and trust has gone through before them.

Patrice Tucker, a Parent Involvement Coordinator and Point of Contact for GEAR UP at Paisley Middle School, thinks that the Kahoot Survey is a helpful tool for sparking more thoughtful conversations about GEAR UP, especially during the kickoff week when students and parents are just starting to get acquainted with the program. She says that one of the most vital turning points for a student who isn’t sure if they’re going to go to college or not is when they see someone in their lives who’s thriving because of higher education. Sometimes, that means seeing a friend or family member making the decision to go to school, but learning more about their teachers’ college experience can be just as influential.

“Teachers have an influence,” Tucker said. “Especially for those students who have an interest in teaching, talking to their teachers can have much more of an impact.”

WSSUThis year’s seventh grade class has years ahead of them to learn more about college and get invested in GEAR UP, but “Pep Up, GEAR UP” Week is the perfect time for them to start getting serious about attending college some day. Based on the response to this week’s activities so far from both students and parents, Tucker thinks the effort to raise awareness is going splendidly.

“A lot of them haven’t heard of GEAR UP before, and they’re asking questions,” Tucker said. “That’s what matters most right now. They’re asking questions.”

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