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“Pep Up, GEAR UP” Forges Ahead with Photos and Quiz Contests

Student PhotoSeptember 28, 2022 – Halfway through “Pep Up, GEAR UP” Week, students and families are learning a lot about Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs, and they’re having fun doing it.

Teachers have already responded to the GEAR UP Kahoot surveys that asked them about their experiences in college. On Wednesday, students went head-to-head to answer questions about college based on their teachers’ responses to the survey in quiz competitions. What could have been a dry lecture listing facts about applications and financial aid was instead a series of electric bouts between seventh graders who wanted to prove their commitment to investing in their higher education. Generating that enthusiasm is one of the biggest goals of “Pep Up, GEAR UP” Week.

Student Photo“It was great to see them so excited,” said GEAR UP Coordinator Amy Kamarah-Payne. “Figuring out how to get them excited is the first step.”

Outside of the classroom, students have been able to connect GEAR UP with social media. Schools have set up selfie stations where students can get photos with GEAR UP props, and the response has been very positive so far. In addition to giving students another opportunity to have fun during “Pep Up, GEAR UP” week, it’s also a way to show their families that they’re getting involved in the program and enjoying themselves as they do.

“The parents are seeing for themselves that their students are getting something good out of someone coming in to talk to them about college,” said Family and Staff PhotoCommunity Coordinator Michelle Sanabria.

There will be countless chances over the next few years for the new cohort of seventh graders to take advantage of GEAR UP’s college readiness resources. However, the most important factor in their success will be their own willingness to buy in. “Pep Up, GEAR UP” Week is getting students excited to invest in themselves, and that means this cohort is off to a promising start.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” said GEAR UP Liaison Dr. Carol Montague-Davis. “People see it and they want to be a part of it.”

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