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WS/FCS Answers Parent Questions About Inclusionary Practices

In June, 2023, the WS/FCS Board of Education was given an update on the district’s plans for strengthening inclusionary practices for students with disabilities in our schools. As the district plans for next year’s vision of Deeper Learning and improved outcomes for all students, data and feedback show the district must place a special focus on students with disabilities. Parents can now find the answers to many of the most common questions on the the Inclusionary Practices FAQ page.

You can also watch a  video message from WS/FCS Superintendent Tricia McManus about the upcoming vision and what it means for all students, specifically students with disabilities.  Additionally, please review the Superintendent’s letter to the greater WS/FCS Community about these efforts. 

In addition, there is a new edition of the superintendent’s podcast Let’s Talk - Conversation on Inclusive Instructional Practices.  It includes helpful information, questions and answers with nationally recognized facilitators that are supporting WS/FCS.  Doctors Diane Ryndak and Debbie Taub along with the WS/FCS Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Paula Wilkins, guide the easy-to-understand conversation that will answer many questions you may have.  

Last, please review the WS/FCS multi-year road map that summarizes the plans for moving ahead. 

We look forward to providing continous updates on how we will improve the supports for our students and staff in WS/FCS while improving outcomes for all students.