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West Forsyth Inaugurates First Class in Athletic Hall of Fame

Norma Jean HarbinSeptember 18, 2023 – West Forsyth High School inducted the first class of its athletic hall of fame during ceremonies last Friday and Saturday.

The hall of fame was first announced in September of 2022, when the court in the Simpson Gym was dedicated to West Forsyth Alumnus and NBA Star Chris Paul. Since then, the hall of fame’s committee has been hard at work choosing nominees for the inaugural class whose excellence in athletics and inspirations offered to the community have stood the test of time. It’s been a labor of love from a school that reveres the long history of accomplishments held by its athletic programs.

Tyrone Anthony“This was a very significant undertaking and this group has worked very, very hard,” Athletic Director Mike Pennington said. “They’ll never know how much Mr. Spainhour and I appreciate their hard work and dedication, not only what they’ve given to this event, but everything we do at West Forsyth High School.”

The 14 inductees were first recognized at the football game on Friday night against Mount Tabor High School. On Saturday afternoon, they were treated to lunch in the Simpson Gym, received their trophies, and got to deliver remarks on what it meant to them to be accepted into the hall of fame. Between the uproarious applause of the crowd and the time they got to spend reconnecting with longtime friends, it was a heartwarming weekend of recognitions for the class.

Posters“You have hosted a wonderful and enjoyable two-day event that I’ll never forget,” said Former Athletic Director Norma Jean Harbin. “This has been one of the highlights of my career.”

The members of the first hall of fame class have gone onto do a wide variety of great things in their chosen fields, from professional playing careers to coaching to acting in movies. What they all have in common, however, is a legacy of success that can set an example for students in the present and future. Principal Kevin Spainhour feels that it’s important to highlight the initiative and dedication that these stars have displayed and the positive impact that they can continue to have at West Forsyth.

Right“What we’re here today for is to let you know and to recognize not how much West Forsyth meant on your journey, but we’re recognizing how much you meant to this school’s journey,” Spainhour told the inductees.

Even so, West Forsyth played an undeniable part in inspiring the inductees to be the best that they could be, and they made it clear that they still hold a lot of love for their alma mater.

“It was special to me because it was part of an extended family,” said Football Player Titcus Pettigrew. “It was the individuals that opened their arms out to me to bring me in and to make me feel welcome.”

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