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Winston-Salem Prep Hosting Community Togetherness Cultural Day

FlyerSeptember 19, 2023 – Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy will hold their first Community Togetherness Cultural Day on their campus this Saturday.

Last year, WSPA earned a social-emotional learning grant worth $8,000 to use for promoting a sense of community among their student body. This year, they’re putting that funding to good use by sponsoring a cultural festival for the school’s students, staff, families, and the entire neighborhood. Organizer and School Counselor Eva Bishop hopes that an afternoon spent in a fun and relaxed environment will help everyone feel more at home on the school’s campus while they’re still getting into the flow of the new school year.

“We’re hoping to create a nice festival atmosphere where everyone can talk and get to know each other without having to be in a rush,” Bishop said.

There will be something for everyone at the festival, with attractions ranging from snacks and prize giveaways to face painting and performances by the school band. Several of the school’s community partners will be present to offer their services, like Novant Health providing free blood pressure screenings and local emergency services bringing their trucks out for display. Hispanic culture will be in the spotlight as Hispanic Heritage Month is just getting started, with Agueybana El Bravo offering meals and several Hispanic authors coming to share their stories.

“This is all about finding a way to get our school community more connected,” said Principal Keisha Gabriel. “Especially with Hispanic Heritage Month going on, it’s a great time to celebrate diversity in our school.”

Social-emotional learning helps students make deeper connections with their schools and their peers. A student who feels that the people around them care about seeing them get the best education they can have is much more likely to succeed in school and in life. Community Togetherness Cultural Day is the perfect opportunity to show students at WSPA that their teachers, their families and their whole community are prepared to give them that support.

“When you build that relationship piece, you get more out of the students,” said Career Development Coordinator Bonita Hargett.

Community Togetherness Cultural Day will be at Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy on Saturday, September 23 from 11 am to 2 pm and is free to the public.

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