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JFK Student Credit Union Opens Accounts for Carter Members

Signing UpNovember 27, 2023 – The student-run credit union at John F. Kennedy High School welcomed scholars from Carter High School to open their first bank accounts with them in a special day of collaboration earlier this month.

Allegacy Federal Credit Union currently partners with nine Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools high schools to operate student-run credit unions, in which student bankers offer people in their school communities banking services under the guidance of trained financial professionals. JFK is one such school, and their credit union has attracted interest from the Carter students who share their campus. Many of them have expressed an interest in taking control of their finances at an early age, even if it just takes the form of saving some money to spend on field trips. The empowering impact of having your own bank account is one that JFK student bankers have come to thoroughly understand.

“Some day I plan to go to college and work at the same time,” said Dayami Nicolas, the first JFK student to open an account when the credit union began. “By saving money like this, I feel like I’m a step forward in my adulthood.”

Fishing GameTo help extend that empowerment to the next school over, JFK’s student bankers invited Carter students to come by for a celebration. Not only could they talk to representatives from the credit union and start their own accounts, but they could also play games, win prizes, receive signing gifts, and spend some time with their JFK peers. It was a good time for everyone involved that spoke to the close bond that the two schools share.

“This is building community for our campus, both for the students as well as the adults,” said JFK Principal Alfreda Smith. “They all seem delighted to be here.”

As a school focused on serving the needs of exceptional children, Carter is always on the lookout for inclusive opportunities for students. These students don’t always get to enjoy every aspect of a traditional high school experience, but opening an account with a student-run credit union is a chance to get in on one such aspect with their neighbors at JFK. The fact that the occasion results in something of their own that can prepare them for after graduation makes it even more meaningful.

Prizes“I just really want them to have the same experiences as their peers,” said Carter EC Teacher Alethea Holmes. “It makes a difference to them that they have something of their own here.”

The members of JFK’s student-run credit union are proud to be part of an organization that helps promote financial preparedness among young people even outside of their own school, and they look forward to opportunities to keep expanding their mission in the future.

“We want to continue to positively impact the future generations with financial literacy,” said JFK Career Development Coordinator Deborah Cochran.

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