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Reagan Choir Performs at Foreigner Concert

PickNovember 27, 2023 – The Bella Voce Choir from Reagan High School entered the rock and roll history books earlier this month when they joined iconic rock band Foreigner on stage at the Tanger Center as part of their farewell tour.

Foreigner is one of the most famous bands of all time, having sold over 80 million copies of their records worldwide since debuting in 1976 and producing legendary hits like “Double Vision”, “Feels Like the First Time”, “Hot Blooded”, and “Cold as Ice”. Before that, though, the members of the band were young people learning to play music for the first time, and they haven’t forgotten how important education was to turning them into the artists they are today. As part of their farewell tour, they’re inviting a local school choir from every city they perform in to join them in concert, hoping to honor their experience with arts education and remind people of how important school music programs are to producing music like theirs.  

“We want to make sure everybody knows about the lack of funding for school music programs,” said Lead Singer Kelly Hansen. “We want to make sure that music and the arts are not lost on these talented, beautiful young people.”

The BandReagan High School’s Bella Voce Choir was the lucky beneficiary of this effort when Foreigner came to Greensboro earlier this month. Students got backstage passes to the show, spent time with the band members, and communicated with the crew about their role in the performance and how everything would need to happen. For students considering careers in music production after high school, this was an unmatchable professional development opportunity.

“It gives them a sense of what professionals actually do in these concerts,” said Choir Director Mignon Dobbins. “They get to see how hard these people really work.”

Members of the choir couldn’t have been happier with how the concert went. While Foreigner’s music was more for their parents’ generation than their own, they still recognize the hits, and singing “I Want to Know What Love Is” with the band that wrote it is an experience they’ll never forget. They’ll also never forget the amount of love and appreciation that they felt from the band taking an interest in them and the fans who cheered them on in the crowd. The whole night was a testament to the unifying power of music.

The Choir“There were so many different age groups there, and we were all just enjoying the music together,” said Sophomore Peyton Huffman. “It just goes to show you that music is universal.”

When Reagan puts on their production of “Rock of Ages” for this spring’s musical, Dobbins suspects that her students will carry a little bit of extra investment in their numbers. They’ve had the kind of performing experience that most choirs only get to dream of. Hopefully, it will inspire them to keep on investing in their own musical talent – maybe one day, they’ll change someone’s life by inviting them up on stage, too.

“For some of them, this was their first concert,” Dobbins said. “I just hope that all their future concerts won’t pale in comparison to this one.”

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