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Parkland High School’s Annual Science Fair Returns

Cell ModelsDecember 7, 2023 – Parkland High School students exchanged discoveries about the world around them during their annual science fair on Thursday afternoon.

The science fair challenges Parkland students to investigate subjects that matter to them and come up with relevant findings that can make the world a better place. Projects at this year’s fair covered the genetics of common produce, the effectiveness of household cleaners, the applications of solar energy, the safety of mass-produced cosmetics, and even the environmental impact of fast fashion trends. Any student with any interests could find a scientific angle to delve deeper into, and with all of the ideas being discussed at the fair, everyone was bound to learn something new and interesting.


“It not only allows the students to follow their own interests, but it also opens their eyes to things that they didn’t even know would be important to them before they started looking,” said Principal Noel Keener.

Performances and presentations were as important to the fair as models and posterboards. Students and visitors had the opportunity to win prizes by answering science questions, and several song and dance numbers representing international cultures were added in to reflect Parkland’s International Baccalaureate World School status. The school’s debate club put on a public debate about whether or not plastic should be banned in the United States as an example of the deliberations that scientific experts and the general public alike have to partake in as they ponder the future of sustainability.


“This gives students an opportunity to learn how to defend their beliefs while also hearing new ones, and this is an issue that’s very pertinent to our generation,” said Debate Club Vice President Austin Lovette. “Participating in these conversations is really good for you if you want to go into politics or law, but it also just helps you to be a more well-rounded person.”

The science fair has been going on in this format for the last four years and has become a welcome staple of the school’s culture. It encourages students to hone their critical thinking skills, and it also gives them something to be proud of as a community. They always come away from the event feeling smarter and more capable than they felt the year before.

“We’ve made this an annual tradition,” Science Teacher Rodolfo Eric Angat said. “It’s always so exciting with these kids.”

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