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Basketball Jamboree Coming to Parkland This Saturday

FlyerApril 15, 2024 – Physical Education Teachers Daryl Gordon from Konnoak Elementary School and Don Lamonte from Griffith Elementary School will host their Second Annual Basketball Jamboree at Parkland High School on Saturday, April 20.

Last year’s inaugural jamboree featured multiple matchups between neighboring elementary schools, special entertainment from the Parkland High School marching band, and a big fundraiser to benefit families in need alongside Second Harvest Food Bank. The event was a huge success that Coach Lamonte and Coach Gordon were extremely thankful to see so well-supported, including by Superintendent Tricia McManus. This year, the coaches hope to organize an even bigger day of fun alongside Kimmel Farm Elementary School and Easton Elementary School, giving some of the district’s youngest students their first look into the exciting world of organized sports.

McManus and Gordon“It has always been my vision and philosophy since I started teaching in 1996 to give my elementary school students opportunities to grow, learn, and have fun with extracurricular activities outside the classroom,” Lamonte said. “This game allows them an opportunity to get a taste test of being on a team and experiencing the camaraderie of a team prior to their middle and high school years.”

The event promises students and families a fun and energetic community atmosphere where they can all enjoy sports together. They’ll also get to do something good for other people, as proceeds from admission will go towards funding physical education programs at local schools, and non-perishable food donations will also be collected for Second Harvest Food Bank.  

Teams“It’s a means to improve our students mentally, physically, and spiritually,” Gordon said. “It’s a chance to teach yet have a competitive atmosphere where students can learn and use skills they have learned in the game of life.”

Lamonte sees sports as a holistic way to enrich students’ lives. They get the benefits of teamwork, physical activity, self-improvement, and representing their community in a positive way. He hopes that events like the jamboree will stick with his students for years and encourage them to be even more engaged with athletic opportunities in the future.

“My goal is for this to keep them encouraged and motivated to want to continue pursuing athletics when they leave us,” Lamonte said. “It serves as a motivator to do well academically.”

The doors open at Parkland High School on Saturday, April 20 at 11 am with the first games beginning at noon. Entry costs $5.

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