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State Officials Visit WS/FCS for Bring Your Legislator to School Day

Group ChatApril 16, 2024 – Monday was North Carolina’s Second Annual Bring Your Legislator to School Day, and four state legislators were invited to spend the morning with Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools students and educators to hear about how things are going at school.

The North Carolina Teacher of the Year Network, the North Carolina Principal of the Year Network, and the Public School Forum of North Carolina collaborated with the General Assembly to establish Bring Your Legislator to School Day in 2023. The program allows legislators to go into schools and classrooms, converse with students and educators, and get a better sense of what day-to-day life in public schools is like. The quality of the public school experience hinges on continuous investment from the state legislature, so it’s imperative for lawmakers to see firsthand how our state’s future leaders are being trained.

High Five“It’s important for them to see the connections between what’s being learned in school and what’s going on in the real world,” said Principal Summer Jackson from Southwest Elementary School.

First graders at Southwest Elementary School shared their morning with Representative Kanika Brown, who got to take in lessons they were learning about the geography, customs, and animals of South Africa. Brown took plenty of time to speak with students about what they found interesting in their curriculum, as well as more general questions about their lives, like the pets they have at home. She feels it’s important for young people to be able to relate to their lawmakers because legislators can only be effective when their constituents are their top priority. Bring Your Legislator to School Day was a good chance to build that trust.

Kanika Brown with First Grade Teachers“We impact the way that they live and what their communities look like,” Brown said. “To do that well, you have to have a heart for people.”

WS/FCS got plenty of attention from nearby state representatives. In addition to Brown, Senator Joyce Krawiec visited East Forsyth High School, while Representatives Amber Baker and Jeff Zenger visited the Career Center and Hanes Magnet Middle School, respectively. WS/FCS educators are comforted to know that their work was at the forefront of lawmakers’ minds on Monday, and they hope that their interest in strong public schools will persevere all year long.

“It’s amazing to see that everybody is interested in what our babies are learning,” said First Grade Teacher Brittany Smith. “It helps us not feel overlooked.”

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