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Chinese New Year



The Career Center's Third Annual Chinese New Year celebration was a success!  Mrs. Valoris, the Chinese teacher at Career Center, organized events that welcomed the Year of the Rooster!  The students were very engaged in cultural activities, including Chinese games, food, and music.  With help from the wonderful Culinary Arts classes, thousands of dumplings and spring rolls were served to the delight of everyone in the Career Center.  Under the supervision of Principal Dr. Nichols and Assistant Principal Ms. Hayes, Chef Daughtry and Chef Owens, the event went smoothly and cordially.  

While many students may not have realized it at the time, the Chinese New Year celebration was first and foremost an educational opportunity.  From the Chinese yoyo station to the Chopstick Challenge, each and every hands-on activity served the intrinsic purpose of educating students of the world's most populated country's culture.  Facets of Chinese art, history, language, and customs melded seamlessly in a way that not only brought people together for a fun time, but also helped promote values of multiculturalism and equality.

The Chinese New Year festival was one of my favorite experiences of the year, and I look forward to watching it flourish for years to come!


                                                                        by Career Center student Alan Zhao


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