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NCDHHS Releases Public Education Health Guidelines

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NCDHHS Releases Public Education Health Guidelines


As announced by Governor Roy Cooper, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has released back-to-school requirements and guidelines. These guidelines offer both recommendations and requirements to help districts make the decisions that are right for their students, families, employees, and communities as they plan for a fall return amidst a continuing COVID-19 crisis. The guidance includes recommendations on social distancing, the use of masks, cleaning protocols, visitation policies, cafeteria procedures, and transportation, among the many topics for consideration in planning.

“We’ve been strategizing and planning our back-to-school efforts for several weeks now.  We know this will not be an easy task.  Today’s guidance will help us shape our planning as we try to think through all ways to keep our students, staff, and schools safe when we return in the fall,” said WS/FCS Superintendent Dr. Angela Hairston.  

She continued saying, “In putting these plans together we will have an unwavering dedication to health, safety, and doing what’s best for our entire community.”

WS/FCS has formed “Back to School” work committees including steering, operations, instruction, resources, and communications.  The committees have already been tasked with how students will return to school and what that will look like to ensure their safety. The committees will be evaluating all options and contingency plans depending upon how the epidemic changes.  The district must remain fluid in its response to the virus, ensure equitable access to healthy and productive learning, and continue to put the safety of the community first.

In the coming days, WS/FCS will release a parent, student, staff, and community survey as well as a “Back to School” website.  The goal is to gain useful data and community feedback to help the committees as they plan. The website will include updated information and resources for students, parents, and staff related to the upcoming school year. WS/FCS is committed to providing accurate and timely information to families and the community.

The WS/FCS Board of Education has also formed a special COVID-19 committee that will be briefed by the district committee leads via a virtual meeting every Thursday at 2 p.m.  Those meetings can be watched on WS/FCS Cable 2 and are streamed live on the district website.