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NCDHHS Releases Back to School Guidelines

NCDHHS releases back to school guidelines

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services today released back to school guidelines to the state Board of Education. These guidelines serve as recommendations, rather than requirements, to help districts make the decisions that are right for their students, families, employees, and communities as they plan for a fall return amidst a continuing COVID-19 crisis. These guidelines include recommendations on social distancing, the use of masks, cleaning protocols, reductions in buildings, buses, and modified classroom structures, among others for consideration in planning.

The WS/FC school system has committees in place including steering, operations, instruction, resources, and communications, that have been tasked with how students will return to school and what that will look like to ensure their safety. We will be evaluating all options and contingency plans (including modified in-classroom/on-site learning, distance learning, or a hybrid) so that we can be fluid in our response to the virus, ensure equitable access to healthy and productive learning, and continue to put the safety of our community first.

“I am committed to and focused on back to school efforts that are student-centered and equitable; desiring to provide the best learning environments possible for all of our students, with an unwavering dedication to health and safety and doing what’s best for our community.”

Angela Hairston, Superintendent, WSFCS

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