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Parents of Students Receiving Free/Reduced Meals Encouraged to Apply for 2020-21 School Year as Soon as Possible

Child 55 AUGUST 25, 2020 – As of Sept. 1, Child Nutrition is moving from the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) to traditional programming for the school year under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP).

With the unusual circumstances brought by the coronavirus pandemic, the summer program was extended this year through the end of August.

In a typical school year when students are learning in school buildings, meals would be available for students enrolled in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. With students learning remotely for the first nine weeks this school year, meal service will look a little different under NSLP and SBP.

Meals are available for pick up on Mondays and Thursdays at 39 school sites and more than 100 mobile stops around Forsyth County. Check out the “Our Safe Return” district webpage for more information about meal sites and mobile delivery locations.

Child 3 At the time of pick up, parents will need to provide their students’ names and student ID numbers in exchange for the meals. Meal prices will vary based on student meal status.

For this school year, reduced-price meals will be free-of-charge unlike years past.

For those paying for their meals, considering the current circumstances, parents should use MySchoolBucks as a contactless payment option. For more information, go to MySchoolBucks.

Meals will also be distributed at such additional locations as the Learning Centers where some students are gathering to go to school. Learning Centers include some churches and recreation centers.

“Meals will be available to all Learning Centers,” Angolo said.

In general, meals will be available on Mondays and Thursdays. The learning centers are an exception.

“Learning Centers will make hot meals available every day,” Angolo said.

Child 4 Students who qualified for free/reduced meals during the 2019-2020 school year will be eligible to use their status from last year through September 29. A new application is required annually so parents are encouraged to apply for free/reduced meals as soon as possible. Applications are available at all open meals sites, school offices, and the Child Nutrition Office.

Caleb Angolo, the Executive Director for Child Nutrition, joined WS/FCS at the beginning of July. He was hired after the previous head of the department – Lauren Richards – became the school system’s Chief Operations Officer.

With the challenges brought by the pandemic, organizing the Child Nutrition program for this year has been especially complex. Angolo made a point to praise the work that everyone in Child Nutrition is doing.

“I have a very good team,” Angolo said. “I am so fortunate to join a team that is so hardworking – a team that is vibrant – a team that put students first – a team that is welcoming.”

“They are goal-oriented. I feel at home already.”

Angelo and his family came here from Kansas. Angolo and his wife, Kimberly, have four children. The oldest – Rai – stayed in Kansas, where he is attending Wichita State University. Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Olivia are all students at South Fork Elementary, which has a dolphin as its mascot.

Olivia 44 Olivia, who is in kindergarten, is already so much at home that she told her father that her name is now “South Fork Dolphin Olivia.”

For more information about Learning Centers, go to Learning Centers.