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Parking Permit & Waitlist

Permit Waitlist

Students wishing to purchase a parking permit need to complete THE GOOGLE FORM to be placed on the waiting list. Students will be contacted as spaces come available.

Permit Application


In order to purchase a parking permit, a student must provide:  

  1. A valid NC driver's license. 
  2. The current vehicle registration. 
  3. This form signed by a parent/guardian and the student 
  4. $10 registration fee 
  5. $40 annual parking fee* 

*There some exceptions that reduce this fee to $15, including first responders and students who receive free/reduced lunches. Speak with the office staff for more information. 

Permits can be paid for with cash, check or a money order. 

When all permits are sold for existing parking spaces, a list will be kept of those who need permits and they will be sold as spaces become available.

For students that take courses at Career Center: Career Center assigns their own permits. To obtain a parking permit at the Career Center, you must register at your Home school and pay fees there, then go to Career Center for separate registration. Bring your paid receipt from RJR for proof of Home school registration.