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Weekly Message from Principal Freeman

Principal’s Weekly Message 09.19.2021

Good evening R.J. Reynolds families. This is Principal Freeman with your weekly update.

As a reminder, North Carolina law now requires that all 12th graders receive an additional meningococcal vaccine booster for 12th grade. Parents will need to provide a copy of their child’s immunization record showing proof that the meningococcal vaccine has been completed.  WS/FCS is required to exclude students who have not submitted documentation of health requirements within 30 days of the first day of school or enrollment.  Our student exclusion (Suspension) dates begin 09-23. 

Our district’s student discipline code prohibits the possession or use of vaping devices and oils anywhere on campus.  Any students found with vaping devices or oil will be treated as if they are in possession of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.  Punishments include suspension from school and up to other long-term consequences.  Vaping is a serious threat to our students, and we need you to join us by talking with your student about the dangers of vaping.

Students and families- school food deliveries to campus are not allowed.  Students are permitted to pack their lunch or purchase lunch from the cafeteria. Parents please do not order and send items to school for students.  Grub Hub/Uber Eats/ or any other food delivery services to the school will be confiscated without incident.

Arts in Academics
Teachers are now offering tutoring sessions either before or after school.  Please see the schedule HERE for information on classes and times.  If your teacher is not listed, please make a personal request for additional help.  We will continue to update the tutoring calendar over the course of the semester.

Student progress reports will be available September 29th.  We encourage all parents to sign up for Parent Portal access in Power School.  Please call the school for more information.

Student Services
Senior Parent Night is September 22nd from 5:30-6:30pm in the Auditorium. The presentation will focus on four-year college admissions and scholarship and financial aid information. While the presentation is directed at parents, students are welcome to attend. Additionally, junior parents may attend if they want to get a "head-start" on what is coming next year. We look forward to gathering safely so remember you must wear a mask to attend, and no food, drink, or large bags are allowed. Look forward to seeing you Wednesday night.

Athletics for the Week:
We are excited to support all our Fall Sports teams who have had a great start. For our athletic schedules and calendars, please visit Twitter @RJRAthletics.

To provide a safe and secure environment for our parents, community members, students, athletes, staff, and officials, Beginning September 17, 2021, Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools is instituting a clear bag policy for all athletic venues. This means spectators are prohibited from entering athletic venues with camera cases, briefcases, backpacks, cinch bags, large purses, and similar items. Approved bags include clear, gallon-sized zip storage bags, clear totes (12”x 6”x 12”) and small purses. Spectator chairs and blankets will be allowed but are subject to search.

Attendance in school and participation in class are integral parts of academic achievement.  Regular attendance by every student is mandatory. The State of North Carolina requires that every child between the ages of 7 (or younger if enrolled) and 16 attend school. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for ensuring that students attend and remain at school daily.  Please help us by making sure your student is in school every day!!

Stay Safe! Stay Home When Sick: As a reminder, please make sure you have reviewed the district's health requirements to ensure the health and safety of all our students, staff, and school community. If your child is sick or experiencing symptoms, please keep them home and PLEASE notify the school of COVID related illness. 

Thank you for your time this evening and we look forward to seeing you all bright and early tomorrow morning at R.J. Reynolds where we are ALL IN and making our school the place where everyone wants to be!!