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Summer Reading 2022

All Classes, Grades 9-12

Click Here for a PDF of Summer Reading Assignments

We had planned on conducting a campus-wide read, but we didn’t have the time to order books for that process. Therefore, rather than having to complete a specific assignment, teachers have decided that ALL RJR students and faculty should simply read ANYTHING they choose this summer. Read books, magazines, manga…the sky's the limit. Be prepared to share what you’ve read at the beginning of the school year. If you want any good book recommendations, check with your teachers or school librarians - someone has some great ideas to share. Don’t like to read? You just haven’t found the right book yet.

AP Classes

In addition to the fun reading mandate, All AP English students have a separate summer reading assignment to help prepare you for the AP course curriculum. Please access the links below for your specific class.


AP English Language and Composition (Rising Juniors)


AP English Literature and Composition (Rising Seniors)

Thanks and have a good summer!


Your RJR English Teachers