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Hanes Science Olympiad Team Wins at the Wake Forest Regional Tournament held 02/29/2020.

1st Anatomy & Physiology - Matthew Hjorth, Sheridan Hjorth
3rd Circuit Lab - Ian Bjorling
1st Crime Busters - Alexander Hjorth, Xavier Hawkes
1st Density Lab - Ryan Blankenbaker, Sebastian Vermitsky
2nd Disease Detectives - Johnathon Storrey, Maggie Guo
1st Dynamic Planet - Johnathon Storrey, Nancy Sun
2nd Elastic Launched Glider - Aryan Saha, Xavier Hawkes
1st Experimental Design - Ellie Lanier, Johnathon Storrey, Nancy Sun
2nd Fossils - Jasmine Zhu, Maggie Guo
3rd Game On - Alexander Hjorth, Matthew Hjorth
1st Heredity - Aryaman Shukla, Isabelle Johnson
4th Machines - Ian Bjorling
3rd Mousetrap Vehicle - Ellie Lanier, Jasmine Zhu
3rd Ornithology - Aryaman Shukla, Ryan Blankenbaker
2nd Reach for the Stars - Ryan Blankenbaker, Sebastian Vermitsky
2nd Road Scholar - Alexander Hjorth, Max Mazo
1st Water Quality - Matthew Hjorth, Sheridan Hjorth
2nd Write It, Do It - Ellie Lanier, Nancy Sun
Spirit Award - Overall Team Award
1st Overall - Overall Team Award (automatic bid to NC State Science Olympiad Tournament on April 24 and 25 at NC State University)
All team members medaled.
7 First Place Finishers
6 Second Place Finishers
4 Third Place Finishers
1 Fourth Place Finisher
Medaled in 18 of the 23 events