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WS/FCS May 1st Fact Sheet


Why is there a rally in Raleigh?

  • North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) is calling for “One Day of Action” in Raleigh on May 1 to advocate for the following issues:
    • Expand Medicaid to improve the health of our students and families
    • Provide $15 minimum wage for all school personnel, 5% raise for all ESPs (non-certified staff), teachers, admin, and a 5% cost of living adjustment for retirees
    • Provide enough social workers, counselors, and nurses to meet national standards
    • Reinstate state retiree health benefits eliminated by the General Assembly in 2017
    • Restore advanced degree compensation stripped by the General Assembly in 2013

Why did WS/FCS decide to cancel school for May 1?

  • At their regular meeting on April 9, 2019, the Winston-Salem/Forsyth Board of Education voted to make May 1, 2019 an Optional Teacher Workday. At the time of the decision, staff members informed the Board that approximately 550 employees had requested the day off.
  • District leaders expressed concerns about staying open:
    • Student Safety
      • The district is liable for any injury sustained by a student while at school. Leaders do not want any student to be hurt due to lack of appropriate and sufficient supervision.
      • Student safety could be at risk in an emergency situation under the supervision of adults unfamiliar with the processes and procedures of the school.
      • Some students may engage in inappropriate behavior (e.g., fighting, skipping class, etc.) that may put themselves or others at risk due to a lack of appropriate and sufficient supervision.
    • Quality Instruction & Appropriate Supervision
      • Without sufficient trained professionals available, students may not receive quality instruction, and the day may be unproductive.
      • Some schools have specialized populations that require skilled support that cannot be easily adjusted or duplicated (e.g., medical needs, language barriers).

How are employees impacted by cancelling school on May 1?

  • Teachers have the following options:
    • Work the day
    • Take annual leave for any time not worked
    • Take personal leave (no deduction for the workday) for any time not worked
    • Take leave without pay if no other leave is available (“Shared” leave is only applicable for medical reasons)
  • Non-Teaching Staff have the following options:
    • Work the day
    • Take annual leave for any time not worked
    • Take leave without pay if no other leave is available
  • Additional information worthy of note:
    • ALL employees should have the opportunity to work their regularly scheduled hours.
    • Principals should prepare to offer alternative, appropriate tasks for school-based employees.
    • Operations will coordinate with non-school-based staff to assign them tasks for the day.
    • CPI employees will NOT work.
    • Use of compensatory time OR “make-up” time is not permitted.
    • Employees who previously requested personal leave OR leave without pay and want to use annual leave must change their request in Frontline. Employees must have eligible leave available in order to request off. 

How will schools meet the needs of students on May 1?

  • Middle School Athletics: All middle school athletics will be rescheduled for another day.
  • High School Athletics: Teams may participate as originally scheduled.
  • Lunch Service: WS/FCS will serve lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at sites identified at the end of this memo.
  • School Calendar: Based on the Board’s intent to forgive the student day, the current school calendar remains unchanged, and graduation dates/times should not be impacted. The final day for students should be June 11, 2019.
  • Before/After School Care: If your school is a site for before/after school care, agencies may choose to operate for the full day on May 1.


What other information is important?

  • Early Release Day Professional Development: All professional development should be rescheduled/cancelled. If your school is under contract with an outside consultant for professional development on May 1, refer to the terms of your contract to determine what rescheduling or cancellation options are possible.
  • A/B Day: Similar to inclement weather days, the A/B rotation remains as originally communicated. Because the Board intends to forgive the day for students, then the A day basically “disappears.”
  • Field Trips: All scheduled field trips must be cancelled/rescheduled on a different day, with the exception of out-of-town trips scheduled to return on May 1.
  • Food Delivery/Order: Schools will receive regularly scheduled food deliveries, and the food order for the next week is due. Child nutrition managers must ensure that appropriate staff coverage is available to complete these tasks. Child nutrition employees should look for additional clarification to come in a separate communication.


What Schools will serve as lunch sites?

School Address
Bolton Elementary 1250 Bolton Street, W-S 27103
Carver High School 3545 Carver School Road Winston-Salem, NC 27105
Cook Literacy Model 920 11th Street NW, W-S 27105
Easton Elementary 734 E. Clemmonsville Circle, W-S 27107
Forest Park Elementary 2019 Milford Street, W-S 27107
Gibson Elementary 2020 Walker Road, W-S 27106
Hall Woodward Elementary 125 Nicholson Road, W-S 27101
John F Kennedy High 890 E. 11th Street, W-S 27101
Kernersville Elementary 512 W. Mountain Street, Kernersville 27284
Kimberley Park Elementary 1701 N. Cherry Street, W-S 27105
Main Street Academy 2700 S. Main Street, W-S 27127
Mineral Springs Elementary 4527 Ogburn Avenue, W-S 27105
Old Town Elementary 3930 Reynolda Road, W-S 27106
Petree Elementary 3815 Old Greensboro Road, W-S 27101
Smith Farm Elementary 4250 Johnny Knoll Lane, W-S 27107
Speas Global Elementary 2000 W. Polo Road, W-S 27106