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Mustang Families:

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We are excited to welcome 2021 and to welcome our students back to our campus in January. While 2020 may not have turned out as we had planned, we have grown through this pandemic as people. We have adjusted our course to navigate challenges and to keep others safe as we wear masks and practice social distancing. We have remained steadfast in our commitment to what is truly important - our family, health, happiness, safety and emotional well-being. 

As we continue to prepare for your arrival, we have taken measures to address social distancing in the classrooms, hallways, and common areas. School as you knew it before March 2020, will look differently. We adjusted our processes and procedures to keep students and staff as safe as possible. This letter is filled with information that you will need to know, so it is our hope that you will read it in its entirety to prepare you for your January return. I would be remiss if I did not thank all of you for your flexibility over the last eleven (11) months. You have been troopers through this pandemic and you have made history. As we continue to chart our course, we are excited to have you ride alongside us.

The ABCs of a successful Mustang return


Car:  Students must remain in vehicles until screening is complete.  Car drop-off will begin at 7:00.  Students will remain in the vehicle until their temperature is taken and a series of screening questions have been asked. If a student has a fever and/or does not pass the screening, they will not be permitted to exit the vehicle. If the student does not have a fever and passes the screening, they will exit the vehicle at the direction of an adult in the parking lot and report directly to class. 


Bus: Students must have their bus attestation completed by a parent each quarter (January 11, January 25, March 26). The student should give the completed form to the driver. When students arrive each day, they will be asked a series of screening questions and have their temperature taken. If they do not pass the screening or have a fever, they will be sent to our holding room to be picked up. If the student does not have a fever and passes the screening, they will exit the bus and report directly to class. 


Students will be offered breakfast upon entry into the building. Under federal guidelines, there is no cost for breakfast or lunch.


Meadowlark Middle students will be broken into four (4) cohorts. Each cohort will attend school in-person for two (2) days every other week. Cohorts are assigned alphabetically and your child’s cohort is listed at the top of this letter. Students who choose to remain remote have Remote Learning listed as the cohort. When your child’s cohort is not meeting in-person, they should log-in to classes remotely. 


Students who have been issued a chromebook from the school should bring that device with them to school for in-person learning. If a student has not been issued a school device, they may bring their own or borrow one while they are at school. 


Bus: Bus riders will be dismissed and escorted to their bus while maintaining a safe social distance. 

Car: We will use a QR code system to call for car riders. Each student will be issued one (1) QR code that will be scanned in the parking lot. The QR code is connected to each student's name that will then show up in the classroom and the student will report to the assigned cone for pick up. Your child’s QR code is included in this mailing. You may also take a picture of it to have on your phone and to text to others who may also pick up your child. 


  • Students and staff must wear an approved face covering at any time they are on school property.
  • All staff and students must be screened prior to entering the building.
  • Students and staff will remain at least 6 feet apart.
  • Staff and students will frequently sanitize their hands.

Forgotten Items

When school resumes in person, visitors will not be allowed in the building. For the safety of our staff and students, items such as homework, lunches, instruments, special deliveries, etc., may not be dropped off. The cafeteria will provide free lunches each day for any student. 


Grades will continue to be recorded in Powerschool and will count toward the final grade for the school year. Whether in-person or remote, students should continue to work hard and complete and submit assigned work. Parents are encouraged to ‘pair’ with their child’s Canvas account to be able to check on due dates and missing assignments. Parents and students should check PowerSchool weekly for grades.


Students should stay at home if they are not feeling well. Please do not send your child to school if they are showing any symptoms of illness. 


Stay informed! We will keep you updated via email, phone calls, MMS website, and other social media platforms. Please take time to read each communication sent home. 



DAILY SCHEDULE (beginning January 11 for ALL students)


Go Mustang!

Mr. Dixson