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On Monday, September 9, 2019, NC Chief Justice Cheri Beasley, Police Chief Catrina Thompson, Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough and District Court Judge Carrie Vickery, as well as local community dignitaries visited Mineral Springs schools. The dignitaries included persons from religious positions, attorneys, and others. They were at Mineral Springs to meet with some student representatives from both Mineral Springs Elementary and Mineral Springs Middle schools to discuss the thoughts, concerns, and questions of students living in today's world.

The students from Mineral Springs Elementary were: Comari Barr, Dominique Broadway, Irving Lopez Jarquin, Aaliyah McGuire, and Aaron Torres-Hernandez.

The students from Mineral Springs Middle were: Alvin Guiller, Zayah Kyle, Ester Nyguen, Jahliel Parham, and Amiia Pugh.

The students had each identified questions they wanted to ask members of the panel or topics they wanted our guests to discuss. The main items were: How do we stop gangs?, How can we stop gun violence in schools?, How do we stop crime from spreading?, What are some hard decisions you have had to make in your job?, What inspired you to become what you are today?, Have you ever gotten bored with your job?, What was your hardest case?, How long did it take you to get where you are today?, and How do you feel about being the first female African American Chief Justice in NC?.

The panel answered questions and expounded on topics imparting knowledge, giving guidance, and offering understanding to the students. Once the students had finished their questions, the panel asked some questions of the students including how they feel in certain situations, what they and other students their age may think about certain situations, and what are their ideas for changes they would like to see. Everyone involved enjoyed the experience and left with a better understanding of each other and the community.

Students before the event 1    Students before the event 2    Students before the event 3    Panel of guests    Dr Gladstone welcomes everyone    Chief Justice Beasley, Police Chief Thompson, Sheriff Kimbrough    Chief Justice Beasley, Police Chief Thompson and Sheriff Kimbrough 2    Students listen to question responses 1    Bishop Fulton responds to a question    Students listen to question responses 2    Chief Justice Beasley and Police Chief Thompson    Sheriff Kimbrough responds to a question 1    Students listen to question responses 3    District Court Judge Vickery responds to a question    Students ask questions 1    Dr Gladstone thanks the guests for attending    Police Chief Thompson makes a closing remark    Students chatting with Chief Justice Beasley after the event    Students thanking guests for attending    All students with Chief Justice Beasley    Mineral Springs Elementary students with Principal Dr Gladstone and Assistant Principals Dr Bowling and Mrs Hunter    Mineral Springs Middle students with Principal Dr Gladstone