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Eighth Grade Art Class Field Trip to Mint Museum in Charlotte

Mr Rose's Eighth Grade Art Class field trip to the Mint Museum in Charlotte NC


On Wednesday, October 30, the eighth grade art students in Mr Rose's class had the unique opportunity to visit the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC. They made the trip to view the current art exhibition Never Abandon Imagination: The Fantastical Art of Tony DeTerlizzi. This exhibition looks at the work of New York Times bestselling author, artist, and illustrator Tony DeTerlizzi who famously illustrated The Spiderwick Chronicles. The exhibition showcases more than 150 of DiTerlizzi's original works from not only The Spiderwick Chronicles but also Dungeons and Dragons, The Spider and The Fly, and more. 

The Never Abandon Imagination exhibition ties in beautifully to a portion of our art curriculum we will be covering with our eighth grade students when we begin the discussion of career possibilities for an artist, particularly as an illustrator. During that process, students will select a book and find a passage of text that heavily describes a scene or they find intriguing. Students will then create an original illustration for that text using watercolor and pen.

This field trip was an amazing opportunity for our students to see firsthand how an artist can develop a career as well as the ability to see amazing original works of art in person. Students not only received a guided tour through the Mint Museum's Randolph Road location but also their Uptown location that houses more of their modern art portion of the collection. Their collection includes work by Kehinde Wiley, the first African American painter to paint an official Presidential portrait, and Andy Warhol among numerous others. This trip was a wonderful opportunity for our students. We are so grateful for the Mint Museum's kindness in opening their doors to the students of Mineral Springs Mineral School. We also would like to extend a huge thank you to Chick-Fil-A at the Cotswold, Charlotte, location for generously providing our students with lunches for our trip.

Below are some photos of our trip.

Art Field Trip Mint Museum 1    Art Field Trip Mint Museum 2    Art Field Trip Mint Museum 3    Art Field Trip Mint Museum 4    Art Field Trip Mint Museum 5    Art Field Trip Mint Museum 6    Art Field Trip Mint Museum 7    Art Field Trip Mint Museum 8    Art Field Trip Mint Museum 9    Art Class with Mr Rose at Mint Museum

 Article and photos submitted by Mr Robert Rose, Art Teacher at Mineral Springs Middle School