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Reader's Theater at Christmas



Ms Schaefer's 6th grade Language Arts classes presented a Reader's Theater on Friday, December 18, 2019.

Reader's Theater is when a class or group selects a story to read aloud as a group. The students use a story that has been written in a play format so each student will have a separate speaking part. Instead of memorizing the lines of the story and performing as a play, the students read their lines from the book. Students may wear a hat or single article of clothing for their character. Simple scenary or props may be used. There is not stage used for Reader's Theater. 

The students in Ms Schaefer's classes used the famous classic book "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. Students enjoyed taking turns reading their parts to this story.

Below are a few pictures of the Reader's Theater "A Christmas Carol" read aloud event that were submitted by Ms Schaefer.

Reader's Theater 1    Reader's Theater 2    Readers Theater 3    Reader's Theater 4    Reader's Theater 5