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Art class participates in I WISH TO SAY PROJECT


Mr Rose's seventh grade art classes participated in the I Wish To Say Project this month. This project was created by artist Sheryl Oring. She started this to fill the need for the public to be heard. The project has been found to be a great artistic solution to create a safe and neutral space for the people to have their thoughts directly put to paper, stamped, and addressed to be sent directly to the White House.

The I Wish To Say project gave our students an opportunity to begin thinking about topics that are most important to them and what they would like to see changed within those topics. The project approaches art in a non-traditional, 21st century way through performance art, spoken and written words, and political cartoons. Students started with the conversation of how art can be used as a way to make a statement or how it can be used as an outlet with an intended purpose. They then started looking at the history of performance art and the history of political cartoons. This lead to discussing the importance of finding topics they were passionate about. A discussion then occured of how they could formulate those thoughts and ideas in a respectful and artistic way.

Mr Rose and Ms Pate assisted the students by encouraging them to support their thoughts on their chosen topic in open research, helped resolve grammatical errors and punctuation, and encouraged individualized critical thinking. They also acted as the typists in the project taking dictation from the students as they read their completed letter. Each letter was typed on one side of a postcard and the student added their political cartoon to the other side. 

This project was a unique way for students to think critically and be civically engaged while developing a creative, artistic and respectful approach to voicing their opinion on hot topics and current events.

Check the website of Sheryl Oring ( for more information on the I Wish To Say project including the unit and lesson plan packets. 

Visit the WSFCS main webpage at the link below to read a more in-depth article on this project and view additional photographs.


Mr Rose goes over the project steps with a student    Mr Rose works with a student on her rough draft letter    Students research their chosen topic on the internet    Students writing their rough draft from internet research    A student works on his rough draft letter    Mr Rose working with a student on his paper    A student works on her political cartoon    Ms Pate types the postcard as the student dictates his letter

This article was written from a more in-depth document provided by Mr Rose. Thanks Mr Rose.