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Distance Learning: Instruction and Grades


PHMA Teachers continue to plan and facilitate online  standards-based lessons for students to access via PowerSchool learning for students to access using their school-issued iPads or other personal devices. During this time please support our young people by faciliating distance learning from home.
Please contact the school to arrange for your student to get an iPad. Students who do not have online access to PowerSchool Learning can request paper copies of the assignments. Parents/guardians may also request paper copies and additional resources (ex. student workbooks) to use with their students at home during school closure. Please contact our school or complete the Hard Copy and Resource Request Form. Please give us 24 hours to process your requests for hard copies and/or additional resources. Our walk-up window is open Tuesday - Thursday for pick-up or by appointment only if necessary. 

March 13 will serve as the end of the third quarter; however, eLearning work will also be considered for grades and evidence of third quarter content mastery.  Students will have until April 11 to submit missing assignments for third quarter work.  Third quarter grades will be posted and report cards will be mailed on April  April 24. Students can view grade through their PowerSchool student portal. Parents/Guardians can view student grades through the PowerSchool Parent portal or through the student portal.

Fourth quarter eLearning will continue based on the essential learning necessary for students to be prepared for the next grade level. Teachers will continue to support learning, provide ongoing feedback to their students, and record grades (evidence of learning).  All students will be supported through this time and will not be penalized due to the current eLearning environment. Students who are requesting hardcopies of assignments must return those copies for grading.

April 17, 2020 - Beginning the week of April 20, there will be “FLEX” Friday each week. During the remainder of this school closure, students will only be assigned academic work Monday-Thursday, allowing Friday to be used as a flexible day to engage in fun, leisure, building/strengthening social-emotional connections, and catching up on previously assigned work and/or connecting with teachers for additional support.

There will not be any additional work assigned Monday-Thursday to accommodate for “FLEX” Fridays. No additional work will be assigned on Friday. Below is more detailed information about this flexible day:

F Fun - This requires no explanation!
L Leisure Learning - Caregivers and students will have additional opportunities to spend time in nature, go on virtual field trips, complete a puzzle, draw, paint, play, and instrument, and/or read...whatever interests you and your child!
Virtual Field Trip Ideas
E Emotional Time and Connections - Caregivers and students can participate in a social-emotional activity together.
Social & Emotional Learning Activities for Families
X eXtra Learning and Support - This day can be used for catching up and making additional connections with teachers for any additional support required for student success.


Students enrolled in courses for high school credit (Math I and Spanish I) must continue to engage in the content and have a C average by the end of the year. They will then be awarded high school credit in the absence of the final exam.

Students who were in danger of failing their current grade level as of end of first semester will recieve an updated letter which will include their progress as of the end of the third quarter. Please contact the school to schedule a virtual conference to update your student's plan of support. 

April 24, 2020 - North Carolina State Board of Education - Grading Update:

View this video message discussing how grading will shift emphasis for the remainder of the year to supporting student progress and communicating feedback to students and their families. And, please review the following documents that address student grading:


May 11, 2020 - WS/FCS has provided updated Grading Information for Fourth Quarter and Final Grades for K-12 Students.

Please contact the school if you have questions.