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Spanish Classes Pop-up Museum

Spanish Class Pop-up Museum

Spanish teacher Tamara Akinbo has created two separate pop-up museums on the 2nd floor. Consisting of 2 exhibits, the pop-up museum serves to expose students and staff (and any visitng community members!) to elements of Hispanic and Latino culture and heritage.

Dia de Muertos

The first exhibit is a Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, Exhibit.  The Day of the Dead is November 1 and is a widely celebrated Hispanic Holiday to honor those who have come before us.  Students created posters explaning many of the different elements of this very important holiday.

Photo of the Day of the Dead table      Day of the Dead Exhibit pt 2      Day of the Dead Exhibit pt 3

Immigrant Wall


The second exhibit in the pop-up museum is the Immigrant Wall.  It was designed to be a "What you need to know" about Latinos and immigration, focusing on what immigrants are and aren't.  Stop by to read about what our students learned!

Immigrant Exhibit