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Inspired to Create

Old 4This comes to us from Wendy Vance, the art teacher at Old Richmond Elementary.

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MAY 21, 2021 – I am an art teacher at Old Richmond School and I had the neatest experience with Bryce, currently a first-grader.  

He came up to me one day and told me that he found clay at his nearby pond/creek area. His mom says he spends a lot of time outside with his dad and they found actual art clay. 

At school, we did clay owls in class last year so he is familiar with the consistency of clay. He created some pieces with the outdoor clay. I asked him to bring me some to school so that i could cook it in the kiln and amazingly it stuck together and kept its shape just like the clay I order. 

I just love that he was so excited about creating stuff on his own. 

He is thrilled to see them glazed. He especially likes the speckled blue and white one.

He says he would like to create ornaments next and take clay making classes along with his mom. His mom loves seeing art made out of clay from their property. 

With his endless supply of clay, he could be busy all summer!





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