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More Treats

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Easton 7MAY 24, 2021 – In recent days, teams from a number of organizations – including the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education, the Winston-Salem City Council, the Ministers’ Conference of Winston-Salem& Vicinity, the Chris Paul Family Foundation, and Read WS – have been visiting Inspire 340 schools to tell everyone how much they appreciate the work they are doing to support students.

On each visit, they brought ice cream sandwiches from Abbott’s Frozen Custard to provide a refreshing end to the school day. By the end of last week, they expected to deliver more than 1,000 ice cream treats.

“The Ministers' Conference of Winston-Salem & Vicinity was grateful to collaborate with the Chris Paul Family Foundation to plan this celebration for persons in the WS/FCS Inspire 340 schools,” said the Rev. Dr. Charolette Leach, the Co-Chair of the Faith and Health Committee.

“School staff – as essential workers – have shown themselves so faithful to our children and youth, especially through the pandemic.  It was truly a privilege to celebrate them in this small way.  We are grateful for each donation and for each volunteer!”

These pictures are from Gibson, Ashley and Easton elementary schools.Ashley 6