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A Time Capsule at Clemmons Middle

The first picture is of the group from 2016. The second picture is the 2021 group. For more pictures, go to Your Permanent Record.

Time 2By Kim Underwood

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

MAY 26, 2021 – Marcia Mahaffey, who teaches PE and health at Clemmons Middle, also serves at the advisor for the Student Council.

Back in 2016, she invited eighth-graders on the Student Council to create a time capsule that they would come back and dig up in 2020 – the year they would graduate from high school.

The 14 eighth-graders participating in the project invited students in each homeroom to fill plastic bags with photos, journals they created, the names of their favorite songs, and more.

Student Dillon Holler knew that an ammunition case could make a good water-tight container for the time capsule. So he bought one and brought it to school.

Once everything was sealed inside, the participants headed out to the circle out front of the school that includes a gazebo and flagpole. They buried the time capsule and went back to living their lives.

Time 19When the spring of 2020 came around, the world was quite different.

“Covid 19 interrupted these plans and put them on hold until this year,” Mahaffey said.

With students back in the school building this spring, she invited the 14 members of the Class of 2020 to return to Clemmons Middle to dig up the time capsule on the afternoon of Tuesday May 25.

Two members of the Class of 2020 – Dillon Holler and Morgan Brookshire – accepted the invitation. Morgan’s mother, Jennifer Brookshire, is the Instructional Facilitator at Clemmons Middle and her father, Brian Brookshire, is the principal at Old Richmond Elementary.

Dillon’s mother, Lori Holler, joined him for the adventure.

Mahaffey also invited the seventh and eighth-graders of today who are members of the current Student Council.

When asked what the real world of 2020 brought that they didn’t imagine back in 2016, both Dillon and Morgan immediately brought up the coronavirus pandemic.

Morgan said she certainly didn’t imagine herself wearing a mask and saying to people, “I love your mask.”

Time 7After finishing up at Clemmons Middle, Morgan headed to Early College of Forsyth, where she graduated with an associate’s degree. She is now majoring in exercise science at Appalachian State University with plans to become a physician’s assistant.

Her older brother Tyler is on the path to becoming a medical doctor. While she is attracted to the world of medicine seeing how all-consuming that path is for him, she decided she wanted to follow a path that was not quite so intense.

“I want to have time for my family,” she said.

The current students of the Student Council who came included:

Adam Shulz

Riley Crowl

Kimora Smith

Chris Gomez

Jada Richardson

Time 33Jada is in the eighth grade. Next year, she is heading to Parkland so that she can run track under the guidance of Coach Antwan Hughes.

The other Clemmons Middle students are in the seventh grade.

Armed with a shovel, Adam was ready to start digging.

Although none of the current Clemmons Middle students had any hope of finding gold coins when the time capsule was opened, they were looking forward to seeing what was inside.

Principal Sandra Hunter came out, too.

Asked what she would put into a time capsule being buried now, Hunter said, “I would write on a piece of paper that this has been the year of NOs. No school, no students, no socializing, no games, no connections and NO fun.”

“The list could go on for pages. I would add that I can’t wait for us to get back to a year of YESs where our buildings are open for our students and teachers to learn and grow together and appreciate all that we learned through the pandemic and value the opportunities that we once again have to be with family and friends. “

“I’m not sure that’s what would go in a time capsule, but I sure do look forward to the day when we are somewhat ‘normal’ again.”

When the 2016 time capsule emerged, the exterior showed some signs of wear from water but Dillon and Morgan could readily recognize their names and the names of the other students from 2016.

When they pried open the lid, they discovered that the box had taken care of its responsibilities to keep everything dry.

They pass around the individual bags and everyone began a trip back to 2016.