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Atkins Beats Reagan in Chess in Historic Match


For the first time in the history of the WSFCS school district, two schools competed in an official chess match.

On Thursday, November 9, the Reagan HS chess team travelled to Atkins HS for a team vs. team match of three rounds G10 d5 (10 minute time control, with five-second delay). The more experienced Atkins team emerged as the victor with a score of 10-5.

"The Reagan team battled hard, and every game we played was a tough, pretty close game," said Atkins Coach Scott Plaster.

"I absolutely love Chess," said Atkins player Chris Layman after the match. He explained how playing a local rival reinvigorated his love and motivation for the game. 

Two players, one from each team, went a perfect 3-0: Josh Phelps and Chris Layman from Atkins and Jimmy Chen from Reagan.

The Atkins team was represented by Lindsey Li, Chris Layman, Josh Phelps, Peter Dillon, and Hank Buchannan.

Players from Reagan were Jimmy Chen, Prakash Keeley, Siddhu Dasari, Carsten Macosko, and (Anthony) Aidan Guynes.